Friday, January 8, 2016

Blood Mine v0.31 released

You can download v0.31 from here: Google Drive

Changes v0.3:
- Experimental support for Perception Neuron (TM) motion capture suit.
  For further details, please have a look into this manual.
  Or have a look into my Youtube Video.
- Bloodmine now uses Oculus SDK 0.8 and was build with UE4.10
- Headlight is now more focused and the scene is in general darker.
- Several minor changes and bugfixes
- Performance improvements

Changes v0.31:
- While standing in T-Pose remove PN initial yaw rotation (if there is any)
- Disable PN hand character movement and stop walking if torso is not upwards
- Disable feet sound by hand if PN hand walking is disabled
- Change nugget light

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